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New Blog

I have finally set up my new blog after many months of thinking about doing it.

Ever since I first heard about using static site generators for blogs the idea appealed to me. By their nature the content of blogs do not need to be generated dynamically so using static html pages means a lower resource overhead than using something with a database backend. Another bonus is that I no longer have to worry about keeping on top of the upgrade/patch cycle to fix security issues that comes with using something like Wordpress.

I was mainly looking for a static site generator written in Python so that if I ever wanted to make any modifications, I would be working with a programming language I enjoy. The two main ones I came across that were actively being developed (with releases) were Nikola and Pelican. I eventually chose Pelican over Nikola because all of its dependencies were pure python libraries, making it easier to set up in a virtualenv.

I have also been meaning to have a play with Bootstrap for a very long time, so I took the opportunity to play around with it over the last few days and have come up with a simple Pelican theme called bootstrap-jerrykan. I am pretty happy with the result.

So, here is my new blog.