Pelican Code Block CSS Classes

Pelican provides support for generating content from two markup languages - [reStructuredText] (the default) and Markdown (if installed). For the most part both markup languages generate similar output, except when using Pygments to generate code blocks with syntax highlighting.

Code blocks generated from reStructuredText will use the CSS class highlight to handle the syntax highlighting, while Markdown will use the codehilite class by default. This can cause problems when developing themes for Pelican users who may be using either reStructuredText or Markdown, or users who choose to generate content using both markup languages.

Fortunately you can customise how the Markdown processor generates its output using the MD_EXTENSIONS setting in the file. You can configure the Markdown processor to generate code blocks using the highlight CSS class by inserting the following entry in you file:

MD_EXTENSIONS = ['codehilite(css_class=highlight)']

More information about settings can be found in the Pelican documentation.